Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
— Albert Einstein


The ‘Balanced LeadeR‘ Formula:

Integrated Wellness + Expanded Awareness = Meaningful Purpose


These are personalised transformational wellbeing offerings designed for those working in high pressure urban environments, finding they need more balance and are delving into new levels of personal and spiritual development.

The more they’re living a fast-paced urban life the more they gravitate to deep personal transformation to regain and restore balance.

In our modern world, if you’re living a big impactful life you need big balance.



This transformational coaching and wellbeing offering provides a gateway to systemic energy shifts, re-establishment of healthy energetic foundations for body and mind to help open the heart portal for your emerging intuitive flow. With these deeper wellbeing foundations, leadership moves from resistance to flow.

Everyone is unique and at different awareness levels. This Urban Shaman offering is designed to accommodate and enhance your wellbeing on a cellular level. Embody knowledge and wisdom within a safe flexible space that expands with you.


Successful and busy professionals and leaders in business and organisations know how to work hard, get things done and make big impact.

However, they’re finding themselves:

1. Lacking lustre

2. Living unsustainable lives

3. At a cross-road and curious about what’s next

Busy people finding time to refocus back on themselves can be challenging however they are super-conscious of the ever-evolving ‘change loop’ propelling them to do more.

As they contribute and make more impact, they’re now looking for more balance in the complexity of life.


These leaders know their skills, apply themselves with discipline, are task driven and give a lot of energy to help others. What they don’t do is preserve their own energy, deeply self-reflect and find out what’s below ‘their surface’.

The real issue with balance is giving ourselves permission and time to deeply relax and restore to make space for deeper self-enquiry. Wellness and awareness are a choice and our holistic methods are dedicated to and designed around what you need.

We know that at the centre of any organisation or team is ‘the leader’ but are they stretched, confused and overwhelmed or calm, consistent and compassionate?

The ripple effect is REAL and tangible whether leaders are striving or thriving. The choice to thrive takes courage and heart based action.


1. Deep sense of self-respect and wellbeing

2. Creating and knowing how to navigate an empowered and balanced path

3. Calm, compassion and clarity on a future vision of self


Essentially we’re all here for a ‘bigger’ purpose and making an impact in whatever way we can. Elevating ourselves is the key to both rising higher and being the example for others. The relationship we have with ourselves is directly reflected in the relationship we have with others.

An impactful leader is at the core of any family, community, organisation and beyond. Our ‘personal energetic influence’ is palpable so learning how to navigate and manage it supports an integrated, balanced and sustainable way of life.

The problems are the solutions:

Personal optimisation and growth is all about defining and refining your energetic focus. This 3 step process opens the door to my 7 step Alchemical method:

1.    The problem is within you (acceptance)

2.    The solution is around you (observation)

3.    The shift occurs with ‘hacking’ the body-mind pattern (problem) through ‘holding’ the heart vibration (solution).

Energetically, we all have ‘patterning’ represented by our unique stories so recognising and redesigning our patterning is the self-mastery loop hole that gives us access to our true heart potential and flow. From this place, lustre returns!


Becoming an empowered example of self-leadership sustains your personal wellbeing, awareness and purposeful action so you can help others be the change they desire.

As we navigate our personal journey’s together, we connect and shift the consciousness of humanity and the planet simultaneously. Service and contribution come from a heart based, balanced, enjoyable and meaningful place of wholeness.



Are you stuck in bad habits and patterns and can’t find your way out of them? Do you have a limited ‘life vision’ that feels cramped? Are you yearning for more in life and unable to feel deeper joy? Is it time to grow?

Only you can create the change that aligns with an expansive life vision. Learning to receive deep foundational support on a physical and non-physical energetic level helps you navigate a balanced path in alignment. This is for those of you looking for a personalised approach to deep transformation.



Systemic change in wellness and awareness occurs on an energetic level. I assess what you need and where you want to get to in your life and create a path to reach that balanced place of wellbeing.

Personal transformation and self-leadership starts with our physical and non-physical health and wellbeing. Our ability to face challenges and embrace opportunities in this busy urban world is based on our personal frequency.

Learning to optimise and manage our wellbeing and awareness by understanding energy and natural flow, leads to a both a sustainable way of life and deep personal transformation. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 4.59.52 pm.png

The 7 step alchemical method to becoming a balanced leader:

  1. Ownership - Get Deep - Move beyond the familiar resistance to change habits and patterns to create space for your higher potential and connection.

  2. Responsibility - Get Real - Become aware of your energetic potential so you can take charge of your journey and vibrate high.

  3. Receptivity - Go Beyond - Learn techniques to create intuitive flow to receive guided inspired action from your innate knowing.

  4. Intention - Get direction - Work with new routines, intentions and practices to sustain a high frequency way of life.

  5. Confidence - Rise Up - Accept your inner-critic and shift into unwavering confident self-expression to maintain your joyful flow.

  6. Being - Level up - Practice maintaining focused intention and elevated states of being in the 'now' moment through connecting with the unified field

  7. Connection - Build + share - Tune into your ‘inner leader’ and trust the directions you receive through self-awareness and share that with others.

This methodology opens up to allow a series of ‘R-Evolutions’ (modules) to flow from the beginning of each new moon cycle to the next. Using natures guidance, we enhance both intentions and actions to energetically ‘release and receive’.

These are nature based rather than time-based R-Evolutions following seasonal flow and shifts to re-establish and amplify a natural ‘way of life’.

My background in the Ancient Therapies of Chinese Medicine, Five elements, Taoism and Shamanism combine to provide a practical and impactful modern methodology for personal transformation on all levels of body, mind and spirit.


Human evolution is accelerating as our complex world gets more complex. Simplifying and integrating our needs with the way we transform and grow is essential. Below is a diagram showing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs aligning with the holistic concept of body (wellness), mind (awareness) and spirit (purpose) to help integrate this inner work.

The diagram then describe the foundational principle that our problems are also our solutions when we observe ourselves closely. From here, the method of ‘hacking and holding’ our pre-conceived influences, beliefs and thoughts can be targeted and released. The ‘emerging self’ is a result of moving through the methodology to create a new reality through fortitude and love.

The Balanced Leader Formula: Integrated Wellness + Expanded Awareness = Meaningful Purpose

The Balanced Leader Formula: Integrated Wellness + Expanded Awareness = Meaningful Purpose

Our needs as humans keep us safe and grounded as we traverse our evolutionary path. The inner work itself is more about focusing on and creating inner balance to access our latent potential. ‘The Balance Method’ diagram provides a pathway back to the heart where this potential can be accessed and realised sustainably. The joy of ‘being’ through heart based transformation is real and achievable.


As each program is personalised, I work with other expert wellness practitioners and purpose based business professionals to customise wellbeing programs to be truly ‘whole-istic’ in nature. I have connected a team who are intuitively aligned and purpose driven. You can learn specific details about the team here:

Dr Dimity Podger - Purpose, vision and values consultant

Amy Mitchell - Nutrition and fitness at Goddess Outdoor Fitness

Chris Gilbert - Chiropractic care (ABC method) at Unwind Chiropractic

Adriana Cecere - Outcome focused business advisor at Consulting Australia




The first part of the methodology intentionally helps us take responsibility for our lives and ‘undo’ what we have done so we can redesign our future. We all have the choice to ‘be better’ however how we guide ourselves into action is mission critical.

Maslow’s Hierarchy provides a timeless reference point for our fundamental human needs and wants that relate to how the process integrates this ‘inner’ work’. By acknowledging and merging body, mind and spirit safely and lovingly, the ‘emerging self’ can continue to evolve in a supported and connected way.

The main premise of The Balanced LeadeR formula is simply returning to our heart to access the natural balanced state of wholeness through heart-brain coherence. This is the necessary baseline for self-regulation where we reintegrate all our ‘wounded and unwounded parts’ within us through a process of healing, transformation and optimisation. The embodied transformation is based on natures cycles so as to move away from the limited constructs of space-time into creating ‘a way of life’ revolving around natures energetic influences through the sun, moon, seasons and elements.

An energetic footprint is formed through 1 revolution of a moon cycle that allows decoding and recoding of our DNA and cellular biology based on our intentions. Our energy is in constant transformation in every moment so when we choose to consciously transform it, we begin an awakened journey back to the heart.

The first ‘Balanced LeadeR’ R-Evolution begins on each new moon cycle to align with natures influential energies. With conscious intentions set to align with the methodology, a decoding process initiates a recoding process. The R-Evolutions are designed as modules that each individual can partake in based on an assessment of their needs. Everyone is unique and there is no one-model-fits-all solution to transformation. The curriculum is less focused on learning and more focused on embodiment and practice as this accelerates the path when we are supported and guided. These leaders already have the necessary knowledge and practical skillsets, they now need to refine emotional regulation, optimise heart brain coherence and navigate a heart based empowered path.

Success is only ever defined by ourselves and limited by our own perceptions of our reality. Commitment, courage and perseverance are qualities that are initially needed to move through limitations and stories. From here transformation is an evolutionary process based on how we feel about ourselves in every moment. Mastering the way we feel, what we perceive and how we maintain our focused intention is the key to navigating ‘The Balance Method’ and becoming a ‘Balanced LeadeR.



Integrated Wellness, Expanded Awareness and Meaningful Purpose - Human Re-Design (3 months beginning)  Nature based transformation - move with the rhythms and cycles of who we are energetically to align the inner masculine and feminine and return to ‘whole intelligence’.

Integrated Wellness, Expanded Awareness and Meaningful Purpose - Human Re-Design (3 months beginning)

Nature based transformation - move with the rhythms and cycles of who we are energetically to align the inner masculine and feminine and return to ‘whole intelligence’.


Wellness, Awareness and Purpose Re-Design for the Individual and Team/Organisation (9 months - Now taking EOI for Sept 20th 2019)

Wellness, Awareness and Purpose Re-Design for the Individual and Team/Organisation (9 months - Now taking EOI for Sept 20th 2019)

The Balanced Leader unfolds in 3 parts of a ‘whole’ formula. Receive deep cellular healing, true clarity about who you are becoming and a re-design of your future life through balance: Integrated Wellness + Expanded Awareness = Meaningful Purpose.