If we free ourselves from the limited emotions of the past, we can use that energy to create a new future.
— Dr Joe Dispenza

I was intuitively drawn to working with Gina early in 2019 because I felt there was a heaviness and a misalignment between my body-mind and soul. I felt stuck with my focus, my energy and my actions. I was struggling with past stories and self-confidence.

Initially Gina and I focused on clearing those historic behavioural and energetic patterns that were really suffocating my current identity, my acceptance and love for the journey I’ve been on and the person I am. Her combination of coaching and energy healing has quite quickly enabled me to move from a place where I protected my heart from love, even the love of my beautiful children, to a place where I can not only give but also receive love with not only those I’m closest too, but people everywhere. This has been an amazing shift and is still ongoing however in a short time I feel more confident, balanced, focused and happy.

I’m now continuing to grow with Gina’s support as I accept resistance and more consistently strive for the amazing opportunities I now receive and create. Thank you Gina, for partnering with me on this part of my journey – I look forward to seeing where we end up over the coming months.

I highly recommend tapping into Gina's podcast to get a sense of the energy she not only creates but draws from, and reaching out to her if her message resonates with you - it has and continues to be an enlightening growth for me.

- Julie Goodhart, Adelaide

Highly recommended. Gina has opened up a whole new positive world for me that I will continue to build on. Thanks Gina.

- Martin Pimentel, London

I have found Gina’s quantum energy healing has really helped to break and remove old negative patterns and pathways and emotional damage. She has really opened my mind and heart to understanding more about the energy I put out into the world and how I respond to energy around me. Highly recommend!

- Siobhan Komander, Sydney

Gina’s powerful healings and thoughtful and supporting coaching sessions, are amazing! I have had three sessions so far and they have been a tremendous help in working through all kinds of issues and in navigating life in general. I cannot recommend Gina highly enough!

- Jason Levett, Sydney

Seeing Gina has been a life changing experience for me, as it has helped me connect with my spirit in a way I’d been seeking without fully realising or knowing how to do it. It has allowed me to see with great clarity the beliefs and subconscious limitations I had absorbed and was perpetuating in my life, and opened up new ways of imagining my future and being in the world. I feel a great sense of inward peace and calm and inner strength based on worthiness and love. Gina’s non-judgemental and open style let you be the guide in your own destiny, giving you the responsibility and choice to come to the healing from a place you are comfortable with, and then open further as you are ready to go. If you are searching, if you are wondering how to live your life on a higher level, from a place of love and acceptance and joy, then energy healing with Gina is worth giving some of your time to explore!

- Clare B, Sydney

Gina is very experienced and provides a spiritual, energetic and grounded context to life’s challenges. I have found this to be invaluable and it has been significant in improving my overall health, and my overall outlook on life. Gina has enabled me to develop more confidence, and self esteem. This has had significant positive impacts on all parts of my life in respect to relationships and work. She has become an important person for my spiritual and personal growth, I am delighted and grateful to have her support in overcoming some very old limiting patterns.

- Ingrid De Meyer, Sydney

'The past nine weeks has been an amazing journey for me. The process of clearing the mental and emotional blocks from the past, has created so much more space for me to breath and welcome new things into my life. It’s also amazing to know that how small exercises or routines can bring so much impact. I have finally learnt how to be clear with what I want in life and trust the universe will make things happen for me.

I am a lot more confident with myself and know that I am worthy of all things good to come to me. I know, trust and feel that I am operating more with my higher self. I am ready to take the next step and leap to the new chapter of my life, and take control and lead myself to the direction that I desire. 

Thank you Gina, I am ready to start the next phase of my journey.'

- Diana Tsai, HSBC Hong Kong

I have recently engaged in Gina’s program and after years of counselling, Gina has been my only impetus for change. She has the ability to create and hold a space for you that facilities true healing. A very gifted, warm and wise health professional.

- Sally French, Sydney

Gina’s programs are uplifting, clarifying and supportive all at the same time. I’m so grateful that I found Gina by chance that I am more than happy to recommend her so that other have the chance to work with her more easily.

- Marianna Agostino, Sydney

Gina found me when I was a critical turning point of my life. I had a typically good life - I worked a corporate full time job in Canberra, I focused on my health and fitness and I socialised, travelled and pursued hobbies frequently. Mentally, I felt a little stressed with my life yet felt I had balance. I knew that I wanted to change my life but I didn’t have a direction as to what that could be. Emotionally I was worried, because I had a pattern of toxic people in my life that caused moments of misery in between all the fantastic stuff. I felt like my life was either high or low, with nothing in between. I was constantly at war between my head and my heart, which I affectionately referred to as ‘Attila the Hun’ and ‘My Little Pony’. I decided that there was no way this was a coincidence anymore; there was something in me that was allowing these dramatic issues to happen.

Gina reached out to me and at first I was sceptical as I have a very scientific, logical-based and rational mind. She used unfamiliar words and spoke of wellbeing and mindfulness concepts that were completely different to western psychology, which I was initially suspicious of. Nonetheless, I reasoned that past counselling did not provide enough change and thought that she intuitively understood my emotional struggles somehow. Emotional/mental health help is only effective if you can talk openly and I felt more at ease talking to Gina than any past professionals. Therefore, I committed to Gina’s self love program, put aside all my skepticism and decided to be completely open to every lesson and concept. Turns out it was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself.

It’s not that Gina’s program changed my life, rather, it changed ME and empowered me to change my own life. I went through a inner transformation process that I cannot explain with my usual logic. Somehow it just worked - I healed past trauma and re-balanced myself and my life from being just “good” to being exceedingly excellent! I found direction to realise all of my wildest dreams: I now train full time professional circus and have a part time corporate job, whilst earning more than before. I also have the privilege of working remote from the Gold Coast hinterland in a relaxing rainforest cottage. I learned to meditate unguided for up to twenty minutes to relieve mental/emotional stress, learned to express myself through performing arts and gained the peaceful intuition to prevent unnecessarily negative issues. I truly learned to love myself, which sounds cliche, yet so many of my previous issues stemmed from a lack of self worth.

Ever since, I have received so many positive opportunities and people; it feels like my life is constantly on a high line. I still cannot rationalise how such positive events occurred, but now I know there is no need to because I can live with both my head and heart in a balanced and unified way. I now enjoy, live and breathe the mysterious workings of Gina’s wellbeing/mindfulness concepts and I have never been happier - I go with the flow of my new magical life that I created for myself.

- Melissa Wong (Canberra)

I can’t recommend Gina more highly. I have loved every session with Gina. She is an incredible coach, helping me guide and shift through some negative habits and emotions as well shes an amazing energy healer. I have honestly never experienced such powerful energy healings. I didn’t know what to expect when I first saw Gina but it certainly blew me away. It's palpable what Gina does. I honestly look forward to seeing Gina every week as I know something powerful will occur.

- Sarah Michael, Sydney

Gina has been an amazing catalyst for transformation in my life. I was feeling a little stuck on a way forward with balancing family life and a desire to return to work after an extensive period away from it. Was it the corporate path or the unknown path that I now followed? And what did I enjoy most?

With Gina’s gentle coaching and encouragement, I embarked on a journey of deep self-discovery. I found

creating art was my true passion and I was good at it!

As someone with an economics/research background, I have been sceptical of anything that is not fact-based or involving an excel spreadsheet! Gina has taught me to trust my intuition, to have faith in my abilities and to believe in the path - that everything happens for a reason. Most of all she had coached me into conversion of imagination into reality. All this she does with quiet confidence and without judgement, carefully seeding ideas combined with wise pragmatism to promote self evolution. Gina somehow works in a way that makes you feel you were responsible for all the change (very Tao!) but her guidance gives you the tools for channeling your own energy to change. Her warmth and energy made her ‘accountability’ sessions something I looked forward to as a weekly highlight. I would recommend Gina’s coaching to anyone seeking to affect change, be that for leaders in a workplace, a community or within their own lives.

- Teressana C, Sydney

I was initially attracted to Gina as she has such a sense of peace and calmness about her and I was intrigued by Energy Healing. So I attended my first session not really knowing what to expect I just wanted to have some peace of mind. In the short time, I have been receiving energy healing I have experienced some major shifts. The one that stands out the most is the internal conflict which occupied so much of my time has become much calmer and I now recognise when it is happening and with Gina’s guidance, I can put it at rest. I know there is more work to be done and I believe with further energy healing sessions and Gina’s guidance blockages will be cleared enabling changes to occur.

- Kim Wright, Sydney

Gina exudes wisdom, calm energy and great humour. Empathy and gentle firm guidance also comes to mind. It is so easy to work with Gina.

I was amazed at my first working session where Gina described a scene from my early childhood, which correctly diagnosed a significant cause of unfinished business in my mind. I remember that scene only because someone had taken a photo of me all those years ago; nothing physically threatening, but in hindsight very important.

In my second session, Gina gave me invaluable advice on refocusing my energies and actions towards matters of the spirit or heart. Towards that goal, Gina’s work has my higher energies coming to the fore. I feel more balanced and feel better with my energy levels and outlook. This helps me in relating better with all the people around me, and in my work generally.

Every meeting with Gina has important revelations, insights and learning. I can only marvel at Gina’s work. I look forward to continuing my energy decluttering and rebalancing, and being able to live a greater life of purpose and passion.

Joy... Go get yourself checked out with Gina. We all need rebalancing at various stages in our life journey.

- Frank Choy, Sydney

I undertook Gina’s self love program last year and I didn’t know what to expect but I was really drawn to Gina and intrigued at what the course might bring about. I certainly didn’t expect that it would lead me to make big changes to my life and to my thinking.

During the program I came to realise that I was living my life on the surface – I was going through the day to day motions but I was stuck and I wasn’t ever delving deep into my heart. I was living out of my logical mind and not through my heart, my self-worth was low and I was holding onto emotional baggage from past failed relationships.

Gina has now helped me change the way I live my life and the way I think about my future. I’m a corporate lawyer and doing this course made me realise that I don’t have to stay on the path that I’m on and in the box that has been built around me by my high stress, demanding corporate job.

I can choose to dream big and make my dreams a reality. I’m now planning on taking eight months off work to travel the world and do a yoga teacher training. I don’t know if I’ll go back to my job afterwards but I’m open to opportunities and the wonderful people that I know I’ll meet on the way. I highly recommend making the investment in yourself and doing this program – you won’t regret it!

- Camilla Sinclair, Sydney