Energy Healing

Is chronic illness hindering your life? Do you believe you can heal yourself and are you ready to commit to an empowered personal healing path?

Energy activation, alignment and clearing maintains health and wellbeing by targeting the root cause of your issues through frequency and vibration. As an Energy Medicine Practitioner I use Quantum Energy Healing and Transformational Coaching to work through your issues and teach you about your 'energetic footprint'.

Through energy awareness and its application in your daily life, you begin to build a deeper relationship with yourself on all levels of Body, Mind and Spirit to reach wellness and wholeness.


Do you feel stuck? Unsure? Are you seeking clarity? Are you looking for the next challenge? Do you need empowerment with relationships and career?

My uniqueness as a Transformational Coach is to help you actualise your own intuitive awareness through understanding 'energy'. We are always energetically expanding through life experiences and relationships. I help guide you forward by rebalancing your energetic terrain to help you focus intentionally and align with your purposeful path.

As you expand, you access your higher potential through empowered self-love and become the conscious creator of your reality.

Executive Coaching & Leadership

Do you lead teams? Are you fearful of not being enough? Not leading well or making an impact?

Confident connection, calm clarity and conscious contribution are all deeper qualities that exist within all of us. Integrated wellbeing and empowered evolution are the ultimate result to reach a state of wholeness.

This journey is not about searching, it is about becoming the true version of who we are and embodying that as an example for others. From this sustainable state of being, we can share our knowledge and wisdom in a heart centred way.

Moving from ‘thought leader’ to ‘heart leader’ allows the soul to make an impact through the human. This takes both fortitude and love.