Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion
— Rumi

I work with individuals to heal and transform ‘deeply stuck’ areas in their lives. I do this through customised coaching programs specific to your intentional needs. My personal transformation is aimed at people who want more freedom and fulfilment to be and do better.

As your coach, I am a peer, a partner, a guide and your personal advocate for helping you achieve your dreams and goals intentionally and sustainably.

Are you at a cross-road or awakening point in your life and need support to create and navigate a new future path?

Are you a parent juggling life and feel your energy and outlook compromised?

Are you a business owner feeling burnt out and needing to find more balance, joy, fulfilment and reason for being?

Are you a coach or healer stuck in self-doubt about bringing your true gifts to share with the world?

Whoever you are, my personal transformation is far more than just coaching. We dive deep to re-evaluate and restore who you are.


What is ‘Self-leadership’?

This is about helping you design an empowered path back to your authentic self through vulnerability, courage, self-love and deep connection. You then:

  • Embrace self-leadership from an empowered place

  • Open your heart to a sense of belonging and confidence

  • Begin the practice and intention to connect deeply to your innate knowing by releasing any limiting beliefs, habits and patterns.

  • Gain clarity and direction for your future self

  • See evolution as a natural process of flexible change and flow

  • Clear deep generational patterns and beliefs

  • Transform your health, wellbeing and outlook on life

Our modern lives are filled with incredible extremes that require us to be multifunctional beings all the time. We are capable of anything if we look after our health and wellbeing on all levels of Body, Mind and Spirit.

How these manifestations present themselves depends on our constitutional tendencies and habits. Getting to know these aspects of ourselves and paying attention to them allows us to shift and alter them to encourage more balance.

Through rebalancing frequency and vibration to recalibrate your energy and subconscious mind, the ‘unlearning’ and ‘undoing’ process then makes space for new beginnings.

Initially, this is a team effort as I help open doors to higher frequencies for you to step through and explore who you truly are; your true nature, your essence, your natural state. As your journey unfolds, I help guide you to create your own ‘inner-wisdom’ through cellular level meditation, activation and visualisation.

Action based direction is required to maintain momentum and provide the foundation for transformational results. Learning to understand energy and how to direct it helps you become the true creator of your reality and contribute purposefully with integrity.

Who it helps

Everyone is unique and at different awareness levels. Personal transformation and self-leadership starts with your health and wellbeing, physical and non-physical. Your ability to face challenges and embrace opportunities in this busy urban world is based on your personal frequency.

Learning to optimise and manage your wellbeing and outlook by understanding energy and natural flow, leads to you living a fulfilling joyful life where you can show up in a sustainable, empowered and purposeful way.

I teach and apply nature based ancient wisdom in the Yin/Yang theory and Five elements that support and align with natures cycles and universal energy. Using these principles in Quantum Coaching and Healing supports congruency, inner alignment and re-ordering of your energy to help you transcend limitations in the following key areas of your life: 

  1. Career and business

  2. Love and relationships

  3. Family

  4. Wealth and abundance

  5. Connection to self

  6. Travel

  7. Creative pursuits

  8. Knowledge and learning

  9. Status and reputation

How it helps

The science behind the Quantum coaching and healing creates a neutral space of alignment for you within the quantum unified field (source energy) so that you are able to raise your frequency through ‘entrainment’. This is all carried out through focused intention and intuitive connection.

These shifts and changes are visceral feelings that you engage with through learning to communicate deeply with your body. Embodiment practice is a skill that compliments your natural ability to hold compassion for yourself and others.

The high frequencies move through my heart field to neutralise and harmonise your lower frequencies. Co-resonance occurs where you and I vibrate at the same universal frequency to allow a shift in your consciousness that will enable to you to find your way back to your natural state of wholeness through heart brain coherence.

As part of the transformational process, you learn more about your natural connection to yourself and the planet. Understanding how you make an impact through living a balanced, playful, inspiring, empowered, fulfilling and abundant life through fortitude and love is where your contribution makes a difference to yourself and humanity.

’Self-Leadership’ builds deep self-respect, self-love, self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness to be able to radiate your wisdom and wholeness and be the example for yourself and others.




Book in for a complimentary session to understand more about the way I design the offerings and how I can help you.