Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.

The Emergence of Human Centred Leaders

I work 1:1 with senior executives, leadership and management to embody and sustain true balance in their lives. Maintaining peak personal performance and leading their teams from the heart is the future of any leadership.

Leaders in our modern fast paced urban world are increasingly faced with complexity, unpredictability and misaligned values within themselves and their organisations. Challenges in defining and implementing visionary strategies within a culture of human connection and inclusivity are severely hindering engagement in the workplace. Limited vision translates to limited resources and reduced motivation. People want to feel inspired and passionate about what they do and how they can contribute to the greater good through all areas of their lives as a whole.

Lack of diversity, political game playing and authoritarian approaches to leadership are fast approaching their expiry date. Empathy, emotional intelligence, intuitive self-awareness and an inherent need to live purposefully are aspirational needs and wants for many leaders. Transitioning between the two extremes is the issue as conventional outdated modes of operation are dissolved or dismantled to allow for progressively collaborative, compassionate and empowered modes of operation to organically transpire.



Leaders in any field feel both an inner and outer struggle when pressured to perform to high expectations that can compromise the way they feel about themselves. This then impacts their ability to effectively support teams or employees within challenging and disparate cultural environments.

They are often striving for meaningful visionary purpose to maintain their passion and drive however their own wellbeing can be compromised when organisational shifts de-motivate or misdirect consciously or unconsciously.

A coherent business model aligned with a ‘people led’ focus can create unpredictability when visionary strategies are not aligned or well-implemented. These variables arise in a time when fast paced results are expected and people are predominantly stretched in unhealthy rather than healthy ways.

Human connection builds trust, empowerment and solidarity that encourages creative innovation. However few organisational and team leaders have the opportunity to model these ethical nurturing qualities when their own wellbeing and self-awareness is limited or compromised.


Becoming an empowered example of self-leadership sustains our personal wellbeing and awareness so we help others to be the change they desire. The balance of ‘being and doing’ or ‘inaction and action’ is an ancient Taoist principle that describes a natural effortless flow of energy through higher awareness and inner-connection.

That higher intuitive connection is accessible and necessary for human centred leaders to embrace and act upon as future way-showers. I believe leadership is becoming an expression of balanced heart centred potential that requires both fortitude and love.

As we open our hearts to navigate our own personal journey, we connect within ourselves and bring people together to shift the consciousness of humanity and the planet simultaneously.

Congruency breeds wholeness. 



Everyone is a leader in their own unique way.

Do you need help gaining clarity on your personal life vision because you’re feeling stuck? Do you know why you’re stuck? Are you seeking greater joy and fulfilment? Is there a deeper yearning to ‘BE’ something more? Many questions, no so many answers…

Only you can create the change that aligns with your own expansive life vision. Learning to navigate a balanced path to deeper inner connection and alignment is the place to start. That’s your true inner guidance.

Only you can make space to create a new story.

A centralised core belief in ‘self-leadership’ underpins the way a leader can make an impact. Self-ownership and responsibility for our wellbeing and awareness is at the heart of living a good life. However, are our aspirations and inspirations being met?

‘Being the change we seek’ is a powerful metaphor for how we innately create change from the inside out. Essentially our inner impact sustains our outer impact.