“New beginnings are disguised as painful endings.”
— Lao Tzu


My Philosophy and Process.

My background in Chinese Medicine aligns my philosophy with Taoism where the belief that we are already ‘whole’ is the driving force that underpins my Quantum coaching and Energy Medicine approach. Essentially I only ever see your potential because what we believe is what we receive. However resistance to wholeness in favour of separation due to deep limiting beliefs and stories, trauma and negative patterns are all part of the healing process we came to experience.

There are many guidance systems in our lives and the one that resonates deeply for me is the language of energy originating in the universal laws of energy. They exist to provide clear instructions on how we can can apply ourselves on our personal journey back to the truth of wholeness. Energy is palpable and that’s what I help people experience and feel as they learn to embody an ‘energetic way of being’.

I believe empowered self-leadership through fortitude and love provides a foundation for taking responsibility for our own physical and non-physical energy and fearlessly stepping into and connecting with our own intuitive power. From a place of empowered self-love and sustainable wellbeing and awareness we can be of greater service to others as future human centred leaders.

I use both Yin/Yang and 5 element diagnostic principles to provide a holistic framework for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing as well as Shamanic healing methods that access multi-dimensional realms. These are all based in a cohesive human connection to nature- earth and source energy as part of a whole unified field of potentiality.

As part of this personal development, I help clients understand that we are a reflection of the earth herself and that allows us to acknowledge and sustain our own human centric ecosystem of inner and outer resources through natural correspondences and interdependence. My evolutionary process is a heart based framework that aligns with natures rhythmic cycles of growth through stages of Seeding, Expansion and Co-Creation.

From a deeper understanding of energy, accessing our innate knowing means we can trust in the ripple effect and own our energetic footprint, raise our vibrational frequency and sustain greater levels of wellness and awareness. This energetic growth and expansion creates an impactful resonance to sustain a palpable energetic presence. Through embodying the belief that we are energetic beings of infinite potential, we can create a balanced way of life through heart brain coherence, focused intention and elevated states of being.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished
— Lao Tzu



  • Calm and clarity

  • Improved energy levels

  • Deeper self-confidence

  • Compassion for self and other's

  • Greater heart coherence

  • Self-empowerment

  • Sustained feeling of wellbeing

  • Greater intuitive awareness

  • Improved visioning of strategies

  • Flexible and agile creative flow

  • Grounded focus for inspired action

  • Balanced way of life

  • Improved inner and outer communication

  • Palpable energetic shifts

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What you receive

  • Powerful Quantum Coaching and Healing

  • Access to more of your potential

  • Customised and personalised activations, meditations and visualisations

  • Heart clearings to open to more self-love

  • Deeper awareness in all key areas of your life - relationships, career, personal development, health and wellbeing, environments

  • Practical methods to unlearn old behaviours and patterning to return to balance

  • Exploration of greater wellbeing, awareness, vision, purpose and contribution


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