The only source of knowledge is experience
— Albert Einstein



Leaning into self-leadership takes courage and conviction. Generally my clients are executives and professionals in leadership positions wanting to transcend personal limitations in wellness and deeper awareness to be their best self.

They are seeking deep strength, wisdom and integrity to be progressive and visionary shepherd’s for themselves, their teams and organisations.

Coaching and Healing Methodology

I believe the new breed of leader leads with quiet assuredness. They are inclusive, transparent and highly approachable and act as conduits to reinforce cultural values and visionary purpose within teams and organisations.

My healing methodology lies in ancient alchemical transformation occurring on a cellular and DNA level that excavates a leaders deeper wisdom through maintaining heart brain coherence. This allows access to a deep reciprocity that opens the heart to sincere human connection on all levels. Connection within determines connection with others and the planet.

Strategic developmental coaching is where I work with clients and their needs or intentions so that I take on the role as a guide helping them learn about and empower themselves through their own inner observations and conversations. Deep reflection, experimentation and development of intuitive skills are the main focus for thriving in a busy complex world.

My intention is to help new world leaders understand themselves and their potential to make an impact in the world through a process of unlearning and returning to a natural state of wholeness.

This energetic state of being is our original pure state achieved through consistent incremental changes in wellness and awareness that builds upon an empowered and sustainable way of life. Through exploring deeper understanding of energy and spirituality, leaders emerge with a confident sense of self that creates an immutable energetic presence. This permeates through any culture and human environment to allow others to feel a part of a visionary whole where excellence and contribution build connection and success organically.

Through deeper inner connection, balance is restored and allows our true human potential to emerge through the heart. Operating in alignment with higher planes of intuitive awareness to solidify and ground visionary aspirations for the greater good is where global impact can be maintained and sustained.

As a result, the complexity of all problem solving transforms through solution based flow. Leadership based in energetic presence is a reality for all humans, its simply a choice to lead ourselves first so that we can lead others sustainably and joyfully.



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