Epigenetic’s and the Science of DNA activation, Healing and Repair is the basis from which my Quantum Energy Healing works as everything is energy and energy is in constant flux and motion.

Shamanic Healing is Quantum Healing where energy is transformed through accessing high frequency dimensions that shift, restore and recalibrate your personal frequency through retrieving, releasing and altering embedded belief systems and blocked energetic states of being.



This is for people challenged by chronic illness and pain and willing to learn and embody an empowered path back through their limited beliefs to optimal wellbeing.

Health and wellbeing starts with understanding who you are and why you have wellness challenges. Energy Medicine helps you decipher the intuitive messages from your body so you can resolve and restore your health and reconnect with your highest potential. As we work together to 'undo' the energetic blocks, habits or patterns that cause your wellbeing issues, you begin to feel the physical and non-physical shifts.

This ancient wisdom originating in natural correspondences is adapted to our modern times to provide preventative and restorative wellbeing models. Fundamentally, living an expansive joyful life with deeper intuitive connection is possible and necessary.



As you begin to accept, acknowledge and forgive yourself on the deepest levels of your being, you gain access to your higher potential and can intentionally create a new healthy existence.

You are the creator of your reality so your ‘commitment to self’ will determine your journey. This is the purest from of self-love, being able to pause and focus on the deeper truth of who you are so you can live that highest version of YOU at your pace. This is a personal journey and we all choose to create that based on our guidance and passion. 




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