Your inner impact, sustains your outer impact
— Gina Yallamas



Gina found her way through corporate Interior Design to Shamanic healing and Transformational coaching via a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has literally transformed herself through perseverance, passion, fortitude and love.

Although her awakening had begun around 2010, her story really began when she separated from her partner with 3 beautiful girls 6 years ago. She loved working as an acupuncturist and herbalist in a multi-modality clinic and was actively doing all kinds of spiritual and Chinese Medicine based courses that opened her to her inner guides.

A truly defining moment came about after reading Carolyn Myss’s book ‘Archetypes’ and devoting a whole weekend to unravelling her archetypal wheel. She then began to truly understand the meaning behind her splintered wounded parts. This connected her back to her inner child who helped her realise the enormity of the illusion she created and the need for deep healing.

It took her awhile to gather all her parts back up (and its always ongoing) but her confidence in self-healing became a source of empowerment. Her inner child expressed herself through wounded dialogue that was shifted through love and acceptance. The de-tanglement process reconnected her to a deeper sense of love and compassion for herself and others.

Gina had no deep trauma or illness as such, she began this journey with a complete lack of self-love due to self-made and acquired beliefs and paradigms. Her journey was one through her own mind maze where self-acceptance, forgiveness and compassion were her greatest assets.

Battling the extremes of anxiety and depression, between living in the past and the future truly challenged her existence. Being present on the planet was always a challenge and felt foreign to her natural state of being. As she learnt to love herself again she uncovered surprising energetic gifts that she now employs to help others as part of her true purpose and passion. As a result, mental emotional wellbeing is a specialty of hers!

Her ‘calling’ as an Urban Shaman has allowed her to develop her language of energy and help others understand themselves as high potential energetic beings. We are all here to excavate our gifts and that’s where she has been led to help busy professionals and leaders to reveal their own gifts and activate their potential so they can also serve with passion and purpose.

Her natural ability to surrender and be open to evolution, accelerated her path through her own fear of being seen and heard. She has arrived in a content place of acceptance for her shamanic healing abilities and is here to share, heal and teach others about their own potential. Life between two worlds has been both highly challenging and rewarding at the same time. The interdependence of allowing both is where she loves to explore and play.

Her love of both worlds (earth and spirit) has allowed her to embrace a more balanced way of life as she navigates the multi-dimensional realm of energy. Her ability to intuitively communicate essential aspects about wellbeing and awareness through natural correspondences and energetic alignment, means she provides a deeper understanding of holistic wellbeing.

She believes humans are ready to fearlessly embrace the true essence of who they are through fortitude and love. We all have the same intuitive abilities and accessing them is where the true joy and fulfilment lies in living an expanded and meaningful life.

Strategic Intervention Coach
B.Hlth.Sc (Traditional Chinese Medicine @ UTS)

Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Quantum Healing - Quantum University
USUI Reiki 1,2,3

Chinese Medicine Board of Australia Registration
AHPRA: CMR0001949391
ATMS: 51047



Gina uses her innate abilities to enter altered states of consciousness through accessing the Quantum unified field through her heart. She becomes a ‘mediator’ between ‘worlds’ to allow various energetic transactions to occur such as soul retrieval and rebalancing of the human-nature-spirit relationships. She is a guided shamanic/quantum healer and provides these services based on what people are permitted to receive. Her integrity, sincerity and humility are essential qualities for this work as she ensures the safety and security of all clients through her ability to lovingly hold space for expansive healing and transformation on an individual and collective level.

She uses her intuitive connections to help others entrain to ‘wholeness’ frequencies that allow their body to activate innate self-healing abilities. She then teaches people to manage and sustain their wellbeing and awareness through understanding the Universal Laws of Energy and the cyclical support provided by Cosmological and Elemental energies. We are a pure reflection of the Earth and that means all we do for ourselves through self-leadership, is directly reflected in how we energetically affect the planet.