'The Balanced Leader - wellness, awareness and purpose' Workshop

Integrated Wellness + Expanded Awareness = Meaningful Purpose

Leaders and professionals in our modern fast paced urban world are increasingly faced with complexity, unpredictability and misaligned values within themselves and their businesses or organisations. Challenges in defining and implementing visionary strategies within a culture of human connection and inclusivity are severely hindering engagement in the workplace. Limited vision translates to limited resources and reduced motivation.

People want to feel inspired and passionate about what they do and how they can contribute to the greater good through all areas of their lives as a whole. This is the true emerging heart based leadership through healthy holistic self-leadership. It all starts within....

What you receive:

  • a deeper understanding of the interdependent nature of everything (based in ancient principles)

  • foundations in bringing wellness, awareness and purpose together as a whole

  • reflections on our current realities and how we can envision a new future

  • practical embodiment techniques that produce palpable shifts in your energy

  • meditation/visualisation experiences and methods that help you deeply transform

Successful and busy professionals and leaders in business and organisations know how to work hard, get things done and make big impact. If you're finding yourself lacking in 'lustre', living an unsustainable life or at a cross-road where you want to be curious and explore new realities, come along and join us for something different.

What I'm finding in the growing wellness and awareness space is that busy people can find time to refocus back on themselves if they choose. It may be challenging at first, however they are slowly committing to themselves as they are super-conscious of the ever-evolving ‘change loop’ propelling them to do more.

As they contribute and make more impact, they’re now looking for more balance in the complexity of life.

BOOK HERE for the next workshop, Tuesday September 17th, 6-9pm.

Location: 135 Rowntree St, Birchgrove, Sydney.