What is Your Narrative?

I saw the 'Captain Marvel' movie on the weekend and am still on a personal high! As a result this post is influenced by extreme themes - it's time to have fun with who we really are.

Our lives essentially reflect what we believe and what we believe is the basis for our narrative. It defines our way of being, our way of life and how we show up each day. It's a fairly important part of our lives and if we are unaware of this narrative and it's influence, we run the risk of creating a 'ground hog' kind of life rather than an evolutionary adventure.

What I find useful when working with clients who are feeling 'stuck' or can't extract themselves from old habits and beliefs, is employing archetypal characteristics to help them break down the rigidity of feeling stuck in one mode and opening up to other 'modes of being' that amplify their personality and narrative. Playing with these archetypes is exciting and although they have their in and out of balance qualities, they are lovable nonetheless.

The archetypes bring a whole new free flowing fairytale/superhero style narrative to our lives that is highly underestimated. In fact, I find the most effective method to break out of old stories and rigid thinking is to 'employ or deploy' these icons to effectively gate-crash the narrative that often reaches a state of volcanic eruption before change is accepted. Everyone has their unique narrative, how we disrupt ourselves is ultimately our choice. The use of the magician, the warrior, the peace maker, the lover, the caretaker, the rebel, the hero, the creator, the sage, the explorer, the ruler or the jester all make our personalities more exciting.

Life is about fulfilment and if for some reason we find ourselves unfulfilled, we know that it's a perception and recognition that we can shift through by acknowledging the current narrative. Our narrative tends to be a distorted version of our pure stream of consciousness buffered by the density of our beliefs, habits and patterns that capture our attention. Redirecting our attention to what feels exciting, thrilling, fulfilling and fun is where our narrative can be upgraded to higher 'feel good' frequencies.

Our archetypal influences help us define the way we operate and help us move from rigidity into flexibility so we can maintain a more playful focus. Being flexible aligns with intuitive flow, yet finding the balance with organised action is where most of us struggle. The inner swinging pendulum looking for balance is where our guidance system or inner technology is so powerful.

Developing and expanding our awareness through our narrative helps us to choose 'wisely' as we create an intuitive life path through connecting with our intuitive intelligence. Although we're here to acquire knowledge, what we 'feed' ourselves affects our potential and ability to expand. Discernment is key to reaching higher potential and developing our innate knowing.

With infinite choices in life most of us place our perceived limitations in pole position. The most obvious choices are on display in the physical plane where we look after our physical body and manage our minds to create our reality. Although we are complex energetic beings, most of us underestimate our potential and happily navigate our physical world. The non-physical world is also an imaginative playground that exists in higher frequencies.

Being curious and open to this kind of non-physical potential allows our intuitive-intelligence to give us a new perspective about why our narrative is so important. Planting a seed (that can grow at it's own pace) of higher potential and the ability to learn about our 'non-physical' self through intuitive 'feeling' casts a much wider net for us to consider how we access our many life paths and get to choose to breathe life into them. Curious?

The path of optimising our wellbeing naturally is the first step in this direction, however the narrative that goes with it is essential to maintain the momentum to sustain ourselves. Whether that includes archetypal influences of zen masters, super heroes, rebels, animal spirits or dragons is up to us to experiment with in either or both physical and non-physical worlds. Self-mastery is limitless and the freedom to be who you choose in this world or that is a real narrative that exists in everyones future.

Interested in going beyond your current reality? Connect with me at info@thenatureofhealing.org and we can explore your world.