What is Leadership?

The leadership industry is saturated. There is an overload of information about leadership styles, qualities and skill-sets that are constantly measured and rehashed. The expectations to be a ‘good’ leader are high, however what does that actually mean?

There is no right or wrong way to lead, it is an evolution where the core ability to lead comes from a position of inner worth where we are able to lead and love ourselves first to be the example for others. Through the inner work I do with leaders, first principles apply. Unravelling core beliefs that may be founded in habitual patterns or programs must be addressed first. Evolution requires a consistent excavation process.

Our deeper subconscious and unconscious aspects are areas of great impact. Often we lead ourselves to believe anything if our level of awareness is limited. Self-discovery is a journey through self-leadership that includes self-love. Dr Joe Dispenza (neuroscientist) has often said the 'brain thinks but the heart knows'. Transformation through heart healing is essential.

Leaders are human, some may have an optimised genetic coding or life experiences that have allowed them to acquire what we label ‘leadership qualities’. However, the emerging new world leaders are here to break free of labels and make creative and unique impacts that won’t necessarily fit past models. In fact they are based in fun and connection!

Millennials for example have often been poked and prodded by the ever-changing corporate world for not fitting a particular workplace model and are now finding more and more creative ways to integrate work into the life they choose. The expectation for employment has shifted massively as statistics indicate the need for organisations to be predominantly adaptive and humanistic.

The message has been received, however change is a process. Rapid and proactive shifts in core beliefs, values, ethics and organisational culture are evolving through deeper profound understanding of human intention and inspired action. Implementing and navigating new ways of individual and collective ‘being’ for employees are encouraging sustainable workplaces to emerge. 'Being' is all about balance.

Freeform liquid workplace boundaries are allowing the new wave of creative innovation to organically flow through connection rather than disconnection. Embracing natural evolution where seeds are planted and allowed to develop roots and are nourished with core values, beliefs and impactful purpose brings healthy shoots to the surface to flourish.

A humanistic and adaptive leader is often birthed through life experience and experimentation. However I believe intuition is the true unsung hero/heroine. Variables and unpredictable outcomes will continue to shape and reshape the interdependent flow of human evolution. Such is the life we create through the choices we make.

By starting with self-leadership, a sustainable balance for personal and organisational wellbeing can emerge. However, the thread of wellbeing now goes deeper than healthy food, exercise and mindfulness. It moves into the terrain of deep self-awareness and self-actualisation. These are the zones of unknown potential where creativity takes on a whole new meaning. Often this takes on a serious note, however, 'enlightenment' actually means 'lightening up'. We are after all a bunch of photonic light frequencies.

Balance provides a place of grounded existence and helps us appreciate the joyful life we have available to us in each moment. Everything above and beyond that is a bonus as we begin to realise there’s more to life and we are the creators of our lives. Opening new doors to access potential is now available to many, however the maintenance and navigation process for the journey beyond is what requires attention.

Everything is energy, including us. Essentially we’re all here to navigate an enjoyable and meaningful life through action, embodiment and experience. If what we focus on becomes our reality, we can begin to measure these current values and outcomes based on the focused time we spend in areas of our lives to determine any imbalances.

As the creators of our reality, noticing our trends helps us accept and take responsibility for outcomes. The choice is there to consider. With quick self-evaluation tools, we can see where our focus is aligned and where our energy flows. If our energy is flowing in one direction with little attention in other areas, imbalance is inevitable. This is the nature of energy. It's not complicated, however our minds will create complexity through habit.

With imbalance comes either a rapid or slow decline in any area of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual wellbeing depending on time factors and awareness. This can go unnoticed and manifest in multiple ways depending on the individual strengths and weaknesses in these energetic levels. We all have constitutional tendencies that are part of our genetic coding, however we can choose to intentionally transcend them.

How does this relate to leadership? Leaders who are energetically aware and embody the core value of healthy balanced self-leadership, will shine.

Energy may not be visible (to most) however it is palpable. A leader who presents with a high frequency flow can walk into a room or space and command the energy of all who are present. Their high frequency energy will help all others entrain to that same frequency and lift the vibration of the event simply through focused intention and heart centred connection.

On another level, a leaders ability to connect to the quantum or unified field of possibility through directed intention and visualisation can harmonise, create and navigate their way easily and effectively in any environment. The natural qualities of confidence, trust, sincerity, humility, empathy and compassion are but a few of the energies that emerge in true aligned leadership.

Essentially, leaders can emerge and operate in powerful, efficient new ways to hold space for the organisational pace that the business world chooses to operate within. Speed is generally the key motivator however balance must be a core value to ensure longevity and vitality of the people operating creatively and sustainably within these adaptive fast paced environments.

Deeper transformational practices and dedication to sustainable self-leadership are natural imperatives for new world leaders looking for 'bigger balance' to support their 'bigger lives'. In turn, sustainability of self ensures sustainability of others.

Please connect with me to discuss balanced self-leadership and how Transformational Coaching and Healing can help you to thrive, info@ginayallamas.com