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What is Leadership?

The leadership industry is saturated. There is an overload of information about leadership styles, qualities and skill-sets that are constantly measured and rehashed. The expectations to be a ‘good’ leader are high, however what does that actually mean?

There is no right or wrong way to lead, it is an evolution where the core ability to lead comes from a position of inner worth where we are able to lead and love ourselves first to be the example for others. Through

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Healthy Self, Heal Thy Self

Self-regulation feels like a lost art form because of the way we 'acquire and rewire' in our modern world of influence.

There’s this thing that humans do naturally, we perpetuate the machinations of the mind and intellect by default. How often do you then sit back in any given moment and observe yourself to understand your default pattern?

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What is Your Narrative?

I saw the 'Captain Marvel' movie on the weekend and am still on a personal high! As a result this post is influenced by extreme themes - it's time to have fun with who we really are.

Our lives essentially reflect what we believe and what we believe is the basis for our narrative.

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