Reframing Wellness and Personal Transformation

As an Urban Shaman and Life Coach, my own personal journey back to my 'Inner Coach' landed me in places and experiences that required me to go beyond what I called a 'normal' level of trust at that time. After letting go of my own perception of this 'normal' level of trust, I realised how limiting this one belief was in my own growth and expansion as a healer and teacher. Trusting the merging of my inner and outer world through navigating the formless nature of energy to create a new form of reality became my passion.

Having shifted many of my own perceptions and beliefs, I now choose an explorative process of diving into new deep zones of 'being' that provide the treasure map for the 'doing'. Admittedly, the map is dependent on my personal energy and vitality so although the inner guidance is received, the action is then based on the pace at which I implement the ‘doing’. The interdependence of these aspects provides a model of 'flow' that taps into calculated challenges and risks through pure trust, honesty, accountability to self and belief in my 'Inner Coach'. Risk and change can bring great joy and expansion when guided choices are imagined and harnessed from the inside and intentionally and joyfully created in our outer physical reality. That’s where we thrive through creating meaning, fun and purpose from the inside out.

These days, I move in and out of 'physical and non-physical' places and spaces with zero expectations just so that what arises is what I am meant to receive, not what I think I should receive. I have to say, the surprises that compliment the work I do are extraordinary. Every day I wake up and realise how lucky I am to love what I do and help others become better versions of themselves through awareness, healing and coaching. Many wellbeing practitioners and professionals in all fields often over-look their own wellbeing and evolution, however when we thrive... everyone thrives. That's where we learn to support others more efficiently and effectively in all parts of life.

Wellness practices and professions exist in many cultural forms and can be explained through both science and spirit. These are necessary practices to learn and adopt as we consciously choose to evolve and make space for a loving future for ourselves, humanity and the planet. It all starts in personal wellbeing. Ancient and not so ancient Eastern Medicine, Energy Medicine, Shamanic or Indigenous Healing practices are making a resurgence in our everyday modern lives as we wind back the clock to a time when human connection, nature's elements and inner technology were all we needed. They currently compliment Western Medicine and provide sound healing and prevention solutions for those of us motivated and committed to being healthy in all aspects of body, mind and spirit.

Going beyond the 'normal' physical realm into the non-physical realm of our energetic wellbeing is essential for wellness, purpose and fulfilment. After opening and reconnecting with my own 'Inner Coach', my purpose is based in helping highly motivated open minded wellness practitioners and professionals open to their own deep awareness and 'Inner Coach'. These personal insights can then ripple through to their clients lives to provide further universal awareness about maintaining a natural approach to wellbeing and acceptance of true human potential. Self-healing will eventually be a necessary and viable path for everyone.

I base my healing and coaching work on the following three core values. They provide the foundations for my holistic wellness methodology that permeates all parts of my clients lives to re-establish wholeness:


  • Own the problem on all levels (body, mind, spirit), take responsibility and learn

  • Be kind and compassionate to yourself, do your best and be confident

  • Always be ‘present’ in your life and turn ‘absence’ into a high frequency holiday.

  • Opportunities are infinite so stop worrying and be open to receiving the next gift


  • Stop comparing and love yourself no matter what

  • If you don’t like parts of you, only you have the power to change them

  • Old habits can ‘die easy’, your beliefs and habits are what makes things hard

  • Trust and believe in your ‘Inner Coach’, that’s where your em-powered-path emerges


  • Embrace all parts... love or fear, choose to love your fear unconditionally until it becomes love.

  • You can access a field of possibility in any moment if you believe it

  • When the heart is whole, the mind will follow

  • Happiness is often temporary, challenge yourself to go beyond the moment and find your deeper permanent joy

Learning to ride the waves of feelings and frequency is an ongoing practice. I find that as people step into their own personal strength and power, they grow through their own expanded practices and experiences and require further guidance to navigate their inner and outer terrain. Coaching and mentoring can then provide strategic support and check-points for navigating the path ahead. Remember our external worlds are a pure reflection of our inner world and often we have 'blind-spots' that can be revealed through an accountability partner. I consider this to be essential for optimising our wellbeing and personal expansion by helping us to stay aligned, refine our potential and maintain the wonder, joy and flow in life.

When we are tuned into our inner knowing and guidance we can then deeply trust ourselves and feel truly confident in who we are and the life we can create through wellness and fulfilment. Taking responsibility for our physical and non-physical form, maintaining focused intentions and trusting the process of self-evolution is empowering and rewarding. We then become the best example for others.

Ask yourself is your vitality and awareness waxing or waning? What intentions are intuitively emerging for you and are you listening? If 2018 felt like an 'average' year, then now is definately the time to access your own wisdom and take action to create a fulfilling future.