Leading From The Heart ... The Future is Balance

As living organisms reflective of nature and the earth, we have the innate ability to self-regulate, self-organise, self-motivate and self-heal. Our physical bodies have organs that operate without conscious instruction due to our fundamental nature as advanced forms of ‘natural technology’. So where do we go wrong when faced with so much disease, discomfort and disconnection in the world?

As a big believer in the 'less is more' construct, I feel the main driver of our global ‘burnout epidemic’ is a deeply programmed and acquired belief that we need ‘more’ of everything in our lives and that feeds complexity rather than simplicity. Our need for massive consumption of knowledge and products often leads to feelings of inadequacy and insecurity as we believe we are never 'enough'. How do we find balance?

When we get stuck in a cycle of constant 'doing and achieving' without much 'being and reflecting' imbalance is inevitable - universal law brings us what we focus on. We need both, yet the true understanding of natures balanced way of 'being and doing' was somehow reversed along our human evolutionary path. Although we relate to ourselves as 'human beings', many busy people across the planet are following the perpetual 'human doing' model. The remedy is a return to natures balance.

Eastern Medicine perspectives and traditions have always believed the heart (intuition) leads the mind (analytical). Aligning the 'intuitive being' and 'analytical doing' bring balance... however what does look like in a practical sense and how is it embodied? Seen and unseen factors are rampant in this area as we all have our own perspectives and perceptions that are proliferated through numerous internal and external interactions. Like cells dividing at rapid rates, the energetics of thought, conversation, belief and action are constantly colliding, shifting and reshaping.

However, there is no right or wrong path, it’s all an individual choice. How do we know there is a path back to natures balance? The human mind will question everything until we can get beyond its influence. Even spirituality was and still is fraught with its own limited programs based in a multitude of perceptions, beliefs and expectations. Nothing is free of perception hence the need to establish our own inner-balance point that is heart focused and allows access to our own empowered source.

I feel that the only time 'more' is an exception to the 'less is more' construct is in deeper heart based connection with ourselves and others. The recognition and love we show for ourselves is the recognition and love we show for each other and the planet. Leading from the heart begins in self-leadership directed by our own courage and commitment. A return back to natures balance is a return to wholeness.

The purity of nature based ancient and indigenous wisdom has always taught us the essence of oneness and wholeness through our own self-reflection as a representation of the Earth herself. The heart of the earth is within our hearts and our genes. Genetic and epigenetic research has shown in general that we share around 50% of our genes with other animal and plant species.

Combining ancient wisdom with the current depth of epigenetics provides a deeper grounded connection to earth. From here we can connect our inner intuitive and multi-dimensional world through our heart to navigate and create a balanced way of life. Without a healthy, grounded nature connection, wholeness, true meaning and purpose can be challenging and unsustainable.

As humans, wellness is our greatest asset and our bodies allow us to live the lives we choose. The body is the epigenetic storehouse for all our life experiences so it makes sense that it becomes the starting point for the journey ahead. Like any data-base or technology, the body requires regular energetic maintenance not only to avoid expensive repairs but to upgrade the perceived hereditary and genetic limitations. The integrity of our personal energy sustains our way of life, who we believe we are and our reason for being.

The super-computer that is our body and mind is both hard and soft wired. Balance is all about moving from the hard wired dense matter into the soft-wired light matter and back again through the heart where our awareness and consciousness reside. The body and its DNA is imprinted with the debris of our past experiences and behaviours as well as what we currently think, believe and do. Both action and inaction have an affect on who we are and what we create in any given moment and that contributes to the reality we create.

Becoming super-conscious, super-natural or super-human is purely a choice based in our ability to unlearn, un-do and detach from perceptions and limiting stories to then receive our intuitive truth and recreate that confidently. Beyond the numerous physical functions the heart carries out, it is also the intuitive information highway for 'inner world' connection.

As we connect with more of who we are in these other dimensions, we begin unravelling our DNA to reveal our often surprising 'uniqueness'. The greater challenge is then in the navigation and co-creation of this new reality that requires the sustained confidence, courage and perseverance to activate and embody our potential in a balanced way. Nature and nurture in action - interdependent opposites and compliments.

Where do we start in a practical sense? Upgrading our wellness and awareness interact and flow through the biological foundations of the body, the meridians, our energetic centres and field where our vital energy sustains us. The depth to which we integrate the body and mind, matches the access we have to the information 'heart' highway. Unloading the energetic 'storehouse' of the body and mind rebalances and restores conscious flow.

Discernment then helps us maintain balance through being able to intuitively 'feel' and direct our choices with heart 'knowing'. Energy is essentially information in multiple frequencies that we are choosing or not choosing to align with in any moment. What we feel is consciously and unconsciously embedded in any decision making process so learning to be more conscious of our feelings is the empowered perspective.

Confidently operating from our heart based intuitive wisdom and inner guidance provides certainty and increases trust within ourselves. How we trust and receive guidance, discern what we want based on how we feel and then act upon it is the essence of leading from the heart.

For me complexity is equivalent to the nature of energy - always in motion and often unpredictable. We are all energy so accepting and allowing our natural state (in motion) is a fundamental necessity. The true SELF-mastery comes about when ‘inaction and action' reach a balance point creating a natural rhythm of flow (motionless motion).

Recently I interviewed several new and existing clients to obtain feedback and data about their leadership experiences. Common themes of stress, being busy, no time, doing the job of several people, ambiguity and complexity on many levels highlighted a high level of imbalance in their lives. What was then most interesting was the common thread for their reason for being and personal success being ‘contribution’ through employee engagement, mentoring, creative initiation and deeper meaningful connectivity.

From this data I realised the greater importance of self-leadership for anyone in any situation and how our ability to focus more deeply on ourselves was innately compromised. Moving beyond the pressure, expectations and perceptions of leadership and taking ownership of the deeper ‘resistance to self-love’ through vulnerability re-establishes the heart connection. From a combined ‘Western meets Eastern’ perspective, consistent heart brain coherence opens biochemical pathways from which the ‘heart leads the mind’.

Finding a healthy inner balance starts with rebalancing the human ‘doing’ with the human ‘being’. This natural fundamental flaw alone creates inner resistance and friction. The balanced harmonic flow between them is the SELF-leadership that only we can learn to feel, discern and implement intuitively.

Although organisational purpose and vision dominate an organisations cultural landscape, effective SELF-leadership within the organisation directly influences that landscape. Like the Australian bushland, many species of flora and fauna thrive in a diverse ecosystem through self-regulation and connectivity. The nature of who we are is an evolution AND a co-creation so when the world is our oyster and we're all connected, everyone and everything matters.

In nature, ‘mother’ trees have deep foundational nourishing root systems that support themselves and the adjacent younger trees so they are all lovingly nurtured and directed towards sustainable growth as a whole community. The same goes for the depth of leadership qualities reflected in the workplace. The interdependency of nature and nurture reflect the yin (feminine) and yang(masculine) principles where they are mutually dependent - one cannot exist without the other and both are required for true balance.

A recent article by the Harvard Business Review called ‘How to Excel at Both Strategy and Execution’, confirmed for me that we all have the same capabilities when leading from the heart, balance is the key.

Whether that’s nature or nurture depends on what you believe, however everyone has the same innate capabilities when leading from the heart (deep intuitive connection). The fundamental difference lies in our commitment to whole intelligence through self-leadership on all levels of wellness, awareness and purpose.

When it comes to the shifting sands within the leadership space, we have to remember innate ‘wholeness’ is universal and we no longer need to limit ourselves with believing we must have one skill-set or another. Ideally we are consciously and intentionally creating a balanced, diverse and colourful array of embodied experiential learning that is intuitively drawn upon to help us confidently create our reality in any given moment at will. The joy lies in the adventure!

All humans are innately able to lead both themselves and others. However the courage, commitment, integrity and conviction to transcend mind perceptions and establish heart based perspective is where leadership becomes an energetic presence flowing freely from our original source. Lao Tsu describes it well:

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”

The depth of our own self-love essentially drives what we would do to sustain ourselves. Unconditional love for everyone and everything then arises out of self-love. Leading from our heart is the key.

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