Quantum physics tells us that nothing that is observed is affected by the observer. That statement, from science, holds an enormous and powerful insight. It means that everyone see’s a different truth, because everyone is creating what they see.’
— Neale Donald Walsch


Quantum Coaching Explained.

‘Quantum physics is the science that explains the nature and behaviour of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level’ Quantum University definition.

Our understanding of reality can be explained on an atomic and subatomic level because everything is energy. How we perceive ourselves and our environments is through our inner world. When we connect on the deepest level of who we are as energy, we can encourage transformation at a cellular and DNA level. The intention to make change at this level is profound as we connect to our entire universe - the Quantum unified field of consciousness.

As a channel for healing energy, I help people clear, align and reactivate their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy so that they can begin remembering who they are and learn to transition back to their natural state of wholeness. Within the body, heart brain coherence helps us find a natural balanced state through breathing and relaxation. High frequency meditative states allow us to move from fear and stress into deep connection and love. Sustained elevated emotional states have a positive impact on the heart and empowers us to maintain healthy emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Heart-brain coherence creates a baseline for maintaining inner harmony, alignment and order.

The Quantum Coaching and Energy Medicine approaches that I provide intentionally allows high frequencies to flow through my heart to your body and mind so they can entrain to that same vibrational frequency and activate your innate physiological self-healing abilities. Dr Joe Dispenza explains this process in detail:

‘In order for people to truly heal someone else, they have to get to the frequency of the fourth energy center. It is here in the heart, in this center of oneness and wholeness, where we begin to connect to the quantum (or the unified field). It’s here where the union of polarity and duality exists.'

The pattern of disease exists in light, so when people start opening their heart and energy starts moving from their lower three centers up into their heart, once it reaches their heart the research shows it continues up into their brains. As it moves upwards, it moves through the neck, down through the nerves, and into the hands (which is what enables people to facilitate a greater frequency). Once someone begins facilitating the frequency of wholeness, as the cell becomes more whole and less imbalanced, it’s going to go through a host of chemical, biological, and genetic changes.’

These initial activations up-regulate your body to amplify your innate self-healing abilities. Complimented by holistic guidance and support for the body and mind, ‘The Balanced Leader’ offerings essentially restore, repair and upgrade your wellbeing and awareness. I then assist you to step into deeper connection with your ‘true self’ and be intuitively guided towards your souls purpose in a sustainable and meaningful way.

Epigenetics and the Science of DNA activation, Healing and Repair is the basis from which my Quantum Coaching and Energy Medicine focus works to help you to rebalance, stabilise and re-order your energy. Shamanic Healing is the original Quantum Healing where accessing multi-dimensional universal planes transforms embedded energetic trauma, belief systems and patterns.

The Quantum Unified Field connects everything and everyone - the law of oneness. When we can tune into the field of infinite possibilities, we tune into an inner depth that transcends all physical form. All humans have the same capacity to do this, no exception. Helping others reach these states and holding space for the ‘emerging true self’ to remember and re-form on a cellular and DNA level is a privilege.

As the field is everywhere, I can access your energetic field with your permission and begin this work even if you are on the other side of the planet. Distance or remote healing is an ancient phenomenon and the basis of Shamanic healing. Understanding the deeper scientific explanation on the atomic and subatomic level of energy provides the gateway for change.

All aspects of Quantum coaching supports wellness, awareness, personal fulfilment, change and transformation so we can be our best selves. From my perspective, the greater purpose for future leaders is to connect to something bigger than themselves.

As Dr Joe Dispenza states, ‘To change is to act greater than the… self.’


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